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2022 Rule Changes

2022 J.O. Age Qualification Chart


November 20, 2021


I want to update all of our softball family with recent happenings throughout the State.

We have just concluded annual meetings both at the National level and the State level with decisions made for the upcoming year (2022).

First some in house Maine USA Softball changes,

We have received and accepted a resignation from our local District 6 State Commissioner Jeff Marshall (aka the Godfather of Softball). After spending 35 plus years serving all of you throughout the state with the BEST interest for Adult and Youth Softball, Jeff has decided it is time for someone new to step up and take charge of our district. Maine USA/ASA Softball extends a heartfelt THANK YOU for all that you have done for the sport both locally and throughout the State of Maine. We recognize the dedication and hard work that you have so graciously performed to make Maine USA Softball the best organization here in the state.

I personally want to  express my  gratitude and appreciation for everything that we have accomplished for this sport, I have enjoyed our commitment to making Maine USA Softball the best for all the youth that have participated. Jeff I really appreciate what you have done for me and all involved with the sport. Your love for the game at both the Youth & Adult level is unsurpassed and will be hard to replace.

With this said we have chosen a new District 6 Maine USA Softball District Commissioner  Steve Belanger. Steve has agreed to take on the Commissioners position with help and direction from Jeff for the next year.

Tony Gowell our State Commissioner has appointed a new State U.I.C. (umpire in chief) to lead our Maine USA Softball umpires for 2022. Dave Mulcahy will now be in charge of our Umpire Program effective November 14, 2022. We are always looking for new recruits for Maine USA Softball and as all of you know the last 2 years have been tough getting enough umpires to handle all the events that we have during the summer especially. Please forward me any contact information that you  may have for anyone interested in becoming a umpire in our program.

We have decided the dates for our 2022 Maine State Junior Olympic Championships, they will all be on the weekend of July 22-24 2022 in the Greater Waterville area. We had a amazing turnout of 81 teams last year and look forward to 2022 and what things will bring. I will have the flyer posted to the Maine USA Softball website and the New England sites soon.  You will notice a increase in entry fees for 2022, with all the recent changes to everything involved in making these events happen (field fees, insurance, bathrooms,gameballs,worker fees) we have increased the tournament entry fees slightly.

2022 Adult State Championships have been decided and will be posted also.

2022 Invitational Tournaments will be posted soon. For anyone who would like to host a event in 2022, please complete the 2022 Maine USA Softball sanction  form also found on the website (under resources) and return it to me.

This form allows Maine USA Softball to sanction your event and make sure all the involved people are covered under any policy that maybe in effect. This is not only for the Umpires coverage but for those that are involved in running the event and for teams that want to participate.

2021 Maine USA Softball Scholarships were awarded to 2  Fantastic female athletes

Kristen Dube  MAYSA Eagle Pride

Anna Cornell S Me Flame/Maine Pride/S Me Riverrats

There awards and thoughts for Maine USA Softball have been posted to the website.

I want to Thank the Maine USA Softball Scholarship committee for assistance in making the selections. We have chosen 2 of the most deserving players who have shown a real positive impact from participating in this great sport.

We will continue this scholarship for 2022 and beyond, scholarship applications for 2022 will be posted to the website.

2022 USA Softball programs

12u AAG games  (All American Games) will be back in full swing for 2022 with 3 teams from Region 1 they are looking at making some changes to this program and I will update as they do. Date for the event has been established August 12-14 2022 in Oklahoma City. They are thinking of starting a 10u group and I will update when this happens.

HPP Program (High Performance Program) (13u 14u 15u 16u 17u 18u) This program was launched in 2021 had numerous bumps and bruises during a COVID 19 pandemic era. The National office has been working on a few changes to this program to make some improvements. I will be working with my fellow commissioners from Region 1 USA Softball (ME,NH,VT,MA,CT,RI,NJ,NY,PA).

We are having numerous zoom meetings, phone calls and discussions reguarding this program and I will provide information soon.

2022 USA Softball Background checks & SAFESPORT

2022 USA Softball Background checks there will be some new information out soon and it looks like there will be a requirement for your ssn on all background checks going forward. This not only protects our youth but allows each and everyone involved in the sports to gain access to complete the next required step of SAFESPORT.

SAFESPORT  is required from everyone involved in softball signed into FEDERAL LAW by former President Trump, is mandatory for any adult that has direct contact with a MINOR athlete. NEW Clarification for 2022 PLAYERS who will be 18 years old and playing on a 18u team will be required to take SAFESPORT. This is something new that was clarified at the council meeting. This is not only for their protection but for the team members and coaches. Safesport does not cost any fee to take and it is easily completed online, can be done in one setting or over time. My recommendation when you start your online SAFESPORT account is to use your legal name that would appear say on your drivers ID or birth certificate. This will  provide all correct information to be followed by the program.

USA Softball team registrations

Effective in 2021 we (Maine USA Softball) has changed the team registration process, teams can now register for the following year staring in September. This means the registration is now September 1 to August 31. This caused some confusion for some thinking that the player birthdate also changed… THIS DID NOT. Player birthdate is still December 31. Junior Olympic Age Qualifications are:

A player’s age as of December 31 determines the age in which the player is eligible to play the following year.  I will have the 2022 chart posted to the website.

2022 USA Softball Rule Changes

I will have the 2022 rule changes posted to the website.

Only major changes are Rule 4 Section 1C wording change to change first baseman/third baseman to First BASEPLAYER/Third BASEPLAYER.

Rule 6c Section 3J Pushing off and dragging the pivot foot in contact with the ground- new clarification states allows to have both feet in the air at the same time but must stay within the 24”pitching plate (leaping). Crow Hopping is still illegal.

2022 World Softball Coaches Convention  January 15, 2022 Mohegan Sun in CT


I have attached the online info for any that maybe interested.

 To Finish for now

I want to Thank all of you who were involved with Maine USA softball during 2021, we saw a tremendous turnout for all levels of play during 2021.  I had the opportunity to witness/view/partake in a ton of softball for our young female athletes and can tell you from what I HEARD from PLAYERS  at every age level,  they  

all really appreciated the opportunities to participate in the great game of softball.

Enjoy the upcoming Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Cleveland “Brownie” Brown

USA Softball of Maine

State Junior Olympic Commissioner