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COVID-19 Update

May 27, 2020


I have made decisions to restart USA Girls Junior Olympic Softball in the State of Maine with certain guidelines to be followed.

Effective June 1st 2020  and for the month of June 2020 teams will be allowed to practice or scrimmage.

No tournament games for the month of June.

The Maine State USA State Championships have been moved to July 30,31 and August 1st 2020, this means the 2020 Olympic Dream Event has been canceled. If you have registered for this event a FULL refund or admission to another event will be arranged.

The MAYSA Triple Play event has been either postponed or canceled.(I will update everyone soon with a decision on this event).

All Maine teams will not be allowed travel outside of Maine for months of June and July 2020. I will make a decision on what happens with events in August at a later date.

All events held during the month of July 2020 will be for Maine USA registered teams only. No teams from other states or other countries allowed.

I have attached the Maine version of back to the ballpark requirements which will be posted on the website. These need to be followed and used for practices and scrimmage games.

Maine USA Softball will hold 4 dates in June (6,7 13,14)  which will have day long events for teams to play 2 games and we will use these dates to seek changes, make adjustments to any of the required items that I have requested in the back to the ballpark recommendations. I will publish something soon when I get my team of Commissioner/UIC’s together.

I know some of you have been approached for league play and I am requesting that the leagues use the Maine back to the ballpark recommendations that I have set forth. I will be conversing with all regaurding this compliance.

I want to THANK all of you for your patience and understanding going through this rough time.(COVID-19). During many of my phone exchanges with area commissioners the easiest thing to do would have been to cancel the 2020 season like some others have done. I for one could not let that happen and I have tried to provide a safe and workable guide to get the girls returning to one of the greatest sports of all time. (USA SOFTBALL).

I will be looking for assistance from all of you to make this happen, my feeling is that if we work together

for what is best for the players, coaches, parents and fans we can get through this.

Saying this I have found that there are no Social Distancing Police, Face Mask Police, Hand Sanitizing Police or anybody that will provide direct assistance to questions that may come up so I will do the best I can to protect everyone involved with events in the State Of Maine….

Cleveland “Brownie” Brown
USA Softball of Maine
Junior Olympic State Commissioner
C 207-314-1876

USA Softball Back to the Ballpark Recommendations

USA Softball of Maine Guidelines and Precautions

Umpires / Rules / Mechanic Recommendations

Line-Up Card Modifications

Assumption of Risk, Release and Waiver of Liability, and Indemnity Agreement Relating to COVID-19 Exposure, COVID-19 Liability, and COVID-19 Risks

Adult Softball Information

2020 Waterville Parks & Rec Leagues

Summer Softball Season - We Are Ready!!

We are ready to start summer softball and we are open for team registrations now.  We need all teams to register no later than Thursday, June 11th.  With teams registering by that date, we will be starting games as soon as June 15th

How to Register:  Since our office is still closed to the general public, we are asking that registrations come in via email as much as possible.  You can also call our office at 680-4744 to register your team. 

League Fees:  $350 Coed; $425 Mens.  I will send out more information in the coming days as to deadlines for submitting the league fee.

Fall Softball League:  Because we are starting late this year, we do not anticipate being able to also have a fall softball league. 

Read more: 2020 Waterville...

Commish Announce Men’s 2020 State Tourney Changes

State commissioner Tony Gowell announced today that both men’s Slow Pitch tournaments will be moved to Waterville due to the field availability in Lewiston and Augusta.  Both Augusta and Lewiston decided not to allow tournaments this year so we are moving to Waterville.  Both will be held on the same days August 14-16th.  Likely Friday night will not be used but we need to make sure we have capacity if more teams than expected sign up.  The Roster deadline for the D and E will be July 20th.

Get your teams rosters going now and get your teams signed up.

The Co-Ed tournament will go on as planned also in Waterville on the original date.

#BlueLivesMatter Tournament in Maine Pairs Law Enforcement and Softball

April 16, 2020, 9:22 a.m. (ET)

In the state capital city of Augusta, Maine, a relationship between law enforcement and USA Softball has blossomed into an annual tournament geared towards raising money for law enforcement charities. The #BlueLivesMatter tournament is the brainchild of Deputy Brittany Johnson, a detective with the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office in Augusta.

In 2015 Johnson, with the help of many others, held the inaugural #BlueLivesMatter tournament in the small town of Winslow, 30 minutes north of Augusta. The tournament has been held every year since, usually at the end of August or beginning of September, with each team made up of a different law enforcement agency and all the proceeds donated to a law enforcement charity or family.

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2019 Waterville Parks & Rec Fall Softball

2019 Barley Bombers

Division A

Gm 1 Holts Yard Improvements 11 Haulin and Long Ballin 10
Gm 2 Sons of Pitches 15 Firehouse Subs 4
Gm 3 Barley Bombers 23 Sons of Pitches 22
Gm 4 Dead River 17 Holts Yard Improvements 16
Gm 5 Barley Bombers 21 Dead River 11

 Barley Bombers win 2019 Division A Championship

Division B

Gm 1  G Force 7 the Outlaws 6
Gm 2 R+J repair 11 the Ramblers 10
Gm 3  G Force 23 R+J Repair 19
Gm 4 Dixons Country Market 18 G Force 5
Gm 5 The Vipers 11 Rollins yard care 10
Gm 6 Vipers 25 Dixons Country Market 22

Vipers win 2019 Division B Championship

2019 Waterville Parks & Rec Men's Softball Championship

2019 Barley Bombers

Gm 1  Alcom 21 Downeast Monitors 13
Gm 2 Barley Bombers  16  Firehouse Subs 15
Gm 3 CM Motors 13 Alcom 3
Gm 4 Barley Bombers 19 Haulin and Long Ballin 14
Gm 5  Firehouse Subs 7 Alcom 0
Gm 6  Downeast Monitors 13 Haulin and Long Ballin 10
Gm 7 Barley Bombers 20 CM Motors 14
Gm 8 Firehouse Subs 15 Downeast Monitors 5
Gm 9 CM Motors 13 Firehouse Subs 6
Gm 10 Barley Bombers 21 CM Motors 20

Barley Bombers wins 2019 Playoff Championship

2019 Waterville Parks & Rec Co-ed Softball Championship

Gm 1 Vipers 16 C+J Repair  3
Gm 2 Benchwarmers 7 Unknown players 5
Gm 3 Vipers 15 Cancun Restaurant 8
Gm 4 Outlaws 11 Benchwarmers 1
Gm 5 Cancun Restaurant 14 Unknown player 8
Gm 6 C+J Repair 12 Benchwarmers 4
Gm 7 Vipers 10 Outlaws 0
Gm 8 Outlaws 7 C+J Repair 0
Gm 9 Vipers 12 Outlaws 10

Vipers Win 2019 co-ed championship